Montop Pro llc possesses both human and technical capacities for providing its clients with the whole process of communal infrastructure planning within wider city areas.

What is needed for modernization of life in specific area is a clear development plan and a reliable partner whose recommendation and experience contribute to your own progress. Montop Pro llc, therefore, provides services in the construction of telecommunication infrastructure, project designing and building data centres. Growth, development, competition and accepting new challenges are important factors which have helped in building the Montop pro's reputation as an innovative partner in the construction of public buildings used for different purposes, which at the same time respects the principles of efficient energy use and environmental protection. The company has the latest equipment for laying micro cables, blowing/jetting fiber optic mini cables and connecting (splicing) cable ends, as well as measurement instruments for testing optical cables and their technical features.


We are specialized in We are developing all phases of project
- Transport and access network

- Optical network:

· FTTx


· All IP networks

- Telecommunication infrastructure for railways and highways
Planning, project design, engineering

Getting construction licences at both local and national level

Network construction, construction works, electrical installation works

Equipment delivery and installation

Changing, rebuilding and modernization of infrastructure

Maintenance in guaranteed and exceeded timeline

Managing all project phases