Montop pro llc is able to offer engineering services for complex projects which demand integration of knowledge and experience from different fields. We are equipped with proper staff and technology for managing all project phases, from planning, controlling and projecting to its finalization, monitoring and analysis.

Since its establishment, company Montop pro llc has been engaged in the construction of access networks for landline telephony and construction of optical connection routes and outposts.

The previous experience of Montop pro company in the field of construction of optical telephone networks has provided us with the reputation of the company which therefore belongs to a narrowed group of companies which successfully deal with construction and installation of optical fiber infrastructure. Having in mind the fact that users' demands within fixed –line telephony are growing, operators have been facing difficult decisions and demanding solutions to provide a wider range of services.

Montop pro llc offers construction and installation works for the need of laying telecommunication cables within access networks (copper and optical cables). We are fully equipped with mechanization used for installing concrete pier footings suitable for constructing air distribution network. We also deal with installation works for laying and pulling cables, setting cable jointing and termination boxes for underground distribution network, producing all kinds of copper cable endings, measurement protocol on copper and optical cables and preparing technical as-built documentation. Our company was engaged in the construction of a few hundred kilometre-long access networks in all parts of Serbia.

We want to emphasise the fact that we have been fully equipped for laying, installing and commissioning fiber optic cable routes.